Random Pandemic

Something happened in the world. Something wiped out most of humanity and the only people left are those that were strong and smart enough to defend in place. Those that were too weak, old, young, or too dumb didn't make it. They were the people who went first, and the world very quickly sank into a survival of the fittest scenario.

This wasn't a virus. No outbreak could have caused this kind of destruction. This was people, or groups of people, that were hellbent on pushing their agendas until the very last person bought into the lies. Was there an uprising by the people of the world to take their communities back? Possibly. Was there a government, pushing their beliefs and improper guidance through millions of people's lives? More than likely.

Most cities are in ruin and even the small towns around the world have been crumpled down into nothing but ash. Your job in this new life is to lead your colony into this new life's version of prosperity and wealth, whatever that may be. You aren't like them. Your people aren't like them. Your group is focused on survival, but you don't do it in a way that splits families apart and kills the innocent.

But just because you don't live life that way doesn't mean your neighbor doesn't. It's your job to ensure your people's survival, and often times, it is by any means necessary. Can you prove to them, and to the rest of the world, that you can be the leader that your people deserve? Or will your group perish like all of the others? This is the time to lead a revolution and take the world back from all of those who wrongly acquired it.

Random Pandemic is a browser-based survival game. Collect food, water, and scrap to build up your stockpiles and expand your colony into increasingly larger territories. Go to war with your survivors to fight groups around the world, raiding their colonies and providing for yours. In this free-to-play game don't expect any fancy graphics or million dollar studio video. This is a fully immersive game represented through text and very minimal graphics.



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